We Love KiCad

Discuss and learn about the open source PCB CAD program.


This is a site and forum dedicated to spreading the word about the open source PCB CAD program called KiCad.

If you came from the Contextual Electronics YouTube channel, you likely saw the wide range of videos that are available, mostly based around the BZR4022 version of KiCad. These will be updated as features change from build to build (some of which already have). The main point of the videos is to show the general style of KiCad and see how easy the program is.

KiCad is an active and dynamic open source project. As such, you should remember that there can be differences from one version of the program to the next. Because of the various quirks between operating systems, there may also be differences from the versions from one stable build to the next. Our advice is to take any feature shown on video or in a post and compare it against your current operating system and build number. This will make troubleshooting any and all issues a bit easier.

Finally, if you are interested in helping out with this site or have media inquiries, please email info@kicad.info